Do You Know A Company Call Daishowa?
In fact, a familiar Company: In view of Technology
You always use lots of paper product made by Daishowa.Although paper products with inconspicuous appearance, they are necessities in our life. For example, a variety of people using Fast Food container, Wrapping paper, paper cups and bags, so, we can see Daishowa products in everywhere.
Fully Equipped and High technology
Is the same thing, different kind of roll paper

By applying our special technology, we can produce the normal length roll toilet paper by only running the machine five times. If five times the length, it save one-fifth of time. Using our service, you can enjoy reducing expenses and labor costs in long run and adopted by commercial building. The accumulation of small saving due to reliable technology, many companies choose Daishowa products.

Capacity responds to mass production orders

10t truck capacity, 65 cars .Actually, capacity per day at the factory Imai Daishowa , about four times the height of Fuji Mountain . The volume is biggest of Japan. Daishowa expand domestic and overseas factories are laying a flexible mass production in order to meet the diverse needs of various industries.

In such a part Daishowa Paper product
Tissue Paper

Light and flexible , making it ideal for cleansing cream so your skin feel good

Correct Tape (Liner)

Protect the surface of the tape to come off clean. There are our pillar products.

Buns (Mount)

Steaming , peel off quickly . Are considered safe enough.