Do You Know A Company Call Daishowa?
Particular concern on the appearance and features: Planning and development capabilities of Daishowa Paper Products Company
What is our customer need? General Item, maybe necessary combines the functionality and design. "I want this!" I'll give you an idea, Step out from the existing concept. It'll emphasis Daishowa planning and development.
[I want it!] Products made
Paper food boxes Pop Up book Carton box printing

Easy to use, light and durable. How many of you saw in the package New Year's dishes? It is selling at low cost.

Precise calculations are required. Daishowa can make the entire process from development and printing.

By special printing features to have a slip plane to prevent collapse of cargo.

Rice packing Die-cut paper bag  

See through, we have an excellent reputation .Daishowa patented product.

As it is functional, "natural " goes beyond the concept of characteristic appearance . In fact, we finished well in hand