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Management Principles

  1. We are rather appreciating to the raw material of paper.Via the paper processing technology we cultivate for years,we are ready to provide reliable,safe and quality products and service, imparting joy and happiness to customers and local society.Besides,we have expanded the technology and experience we master in paper processing to other raw material fields,which has made our company a composite raw material processing enterprise.
  2. We are rather appreciating to the friends we meet during the course of manufacture.Via mutual respect and cooperation,we are ready to produce products with best quality.
  3. To make our striving staff live more happily and better off,we must make our company grow and develop.
  4. We must stick up for our reputed brand of Daishowa,which is cast by numerous precursors and make the enterprise Global No.1 in the special field.

Daishowa Paper Products Co., Ltd.
Representative Director,CEO
Representative Director,COO

  1. Consistently act only in a frame of mind based upon appreciation towards your customers, clients, colleagues and regional society as a whole.
  2. Conduct work consistently and diligently with an approach and attitude that is both honest and modest.
  3. There is no shortcut to maturity. Conduct your work carefully, meticulously, courteously and with a sense of responsibility.
  4. Be brave and always continue to welcome new challenges.
  5. Do not be daunted, do not give up and do not cast away anything that should be dealt with.
  6. Anything that can be done now should be done immediately.