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About us

Daishowa paper products company

Founded on November 20,1940
Capital 469,600,000 yen

The main business objective
  • Manufacture and sale of paper bags and paper processing
  • Paper material, printing paper, paperboard, home buying and selling paper.
  • Print plate making, printing, binding and trafcking
  • Paper containers, manufacturing equipment and cardboard packaging
  • Petrochemicals trading
  • Food trade
  • Bag-making machine rental
  • Construction of forest plantation projects
  • Insurance agency, insurance agency based on the Automobile Liability Security Law, and life insurance intermediary business
  • Rental Property
  • All businesses incidental to the preceding item
Business line
  • Paper Bag - (Trademark-Bag Summit) Food bags, Clothing bags, Handle bag, Heat sealing bag
  • Heavy-duty paper sack -Cement, Fertilizer, Chemicals, Salt, Sugar, Animal feed, Starch , Flour,
    Wheat and Rice bag, Garbage bag.
  • Printing - Ofset Printing , Gravure printing, Commercial printing and other
  • Household Paper - (Trademark-frst base) Toilet paper, Tissue paper, Towel, Paper towel, Pocket tissue
  • Processing Paper – Poly lamination , Coated paper , Preprint (Flexo Printing)
  • Chemical products - Food use bags, Polyethylene bags for goods such as polyethylene bags for milled rice
  • Paper sales - Yoshi paper, Cardboard
  • Paper sales material - Pulp and, Recycle paper
  • PPC paper processing
  • Tubes paper
  • Paper container
  • Picture Books
  • Gift
  • Planning & Design

Number of employee 730 (530 men, 200 women)