Daishowa Paper Products Company Limited in the production activities, work together to reduce Environmental impact in the packaging materials and containers, Recycling, and developing products With the ultimate in ease of handling, offering. The industrial waste that occurs by the production. Industrial waste generated by production activities completely separate , and we are working actively 3R management.

Environmental efforts in production activities

Kazo plant , other plants ; Yokaichi

  1. Liner paper bag (based bleached , unbleached system , converting paper and other) due to increased separation and recycling of paper losses
  2. Reduction of industrial waste treatment facilities for drainage

Fuji plant

  1. Paper and film converting paper of RPF (fuel pellets) to use
  2. Converting paper recycling film of oil products
  3. Drainage (drainage and ink) by the reduction of industrial waste treatment facilities

Numazu plant

  1. Recovered plastic (oil products recycling)
  2. Recyclable paper converting paper losses

Printing Factory [Prince]

  1. Introduction CTP (of films by non- reducing environmental impact)
  2. Spoilage , PS version of the Recycling

[Shanghai] Co., Ltd. Daishowa

Year 2004 ISO14001 (environmental management system) to obtain . Introduction of non-solvent coater using an organic solvent that does not emit

Environment correspondence style products

» Separation of moisture-proof paper
» Type biodegradable paper pot seedling "Dekopo"

In addition, overhauled or from plastic bags to paper bags , eco bags. To introduce Paper and also material various furthermore to our client.

Separation of Moisture-proof paper

  1. Winding, flat moisture-proof packaging size of the base paper
  2. Heavy-duty bag, moisture barrier bottom corner of bag
  3. Garbage Bags
  4. Moisture-proof cardboard (base paper coated on the liner).
  5. Various other moisture-proof wrapping paper

Width : 900mm - 2,000 mm can be supported.

  1. Have the same Poly Lamination moisture-proof paper.
  2. Folding of layers of high moisture, low moisture permeability decreased.
  3. Excellent separation of the solution.
  4. Not addition of wax, oil spots will not occur during the re-use.
  5. Low odor vapor barrier can be used with confidence to use the product.
  6. Containerboard free choice to suit other than a regular base.
  7. The need of anti-slip applications is also possible to prevent the back coating lubricants.
  8. By the addition of aluminum hydroxide , is highly anti-slip , prevents collapse of cargo.
  9. If you do not burn toxic gases. The burning fewer calories, burning and decomposition of aluminum hydroxide on the absorption and detoxification of dioxin and other toxic gases.

Type biodegradable paper pot seeding "Dekopo"(Patent Applied)

  1. Nursery pot
  2. Multi- sheet

Kraft inner moisture Court (biodegradable plastic)


Dimensions : Diameter 90mm × 75mm × height 62mm diameter Low

  1. Can be treated as waste paper.
  2. You can biodegrade in soil.
  3. It uses safe materials can be used safely to foods such as vegetables.
  4. Flower Beds, so the field will be filled each pot, the roots can be transplanted into the joints.
  5. Have not collapsed the way you put the pot outdoors for about three months, and excellent durability.
Methods Used

Put in pot culture soil, sown the seed, germination after thinning, please planted every flower and fields.
The decomposition of the pot for about three months.